Designs and Models

See: Patents.

Membership in International Conventions

See: Patents.


Applicant: as for “patent” application. 

Applicants not living in the country: as for “patent” application. 

Kinds and definitions of models and designs: (a) Utility models: all new arrangements or shapes obtained or introduced in articles, such as tools, work instruments or utensils which enhance or improve their conditions of use or utility. Protection is exclusively granted to the specific and novel shape which renders possible the increase and enhancement of the utility and use of the object to which they are intended; (b) Industrial models: all plastic shapes associated or not with lines or colors, which may be used as a pattern in the manufacturing of a handicraft or industrial product; (c) Industrial designs: every new arrangement or set of lines or colors which, for an industrial or commercial purpose, may be used for the ornamentation of a product by any manual, mechanical, chemical, simple or combined process.

Novelty: required.

Series applications: not permitted. 

Territory covered: the whole territory of the Republic of Angola.

Filing requirements for an application (to be sent to resident agent):
1. Name, nationality, occupation and address of the applicant;
2. A sample of the model or a graphic representation of the model or the design;
3. Description of the novelty and the utility that is conferred to a utility model or simply the novelty if it refers to an industrial model or to an industrial design.


Beginning, duration and extension of protection: five years from the date of application, this period being renewable for two further periods of five years.

Annuities: payment of fees is foreseen.

Oppositions: not provided for.

Working: the models lapse if not exploited during the period of one year.

Licenses: possible.