(WIPO code: GQ) (latest review April 2022)

by ELZABURU, Madrid, Spain

General Information


28,051 sq. km.


857,008 (July 2021).




Spanish (official), French, Fang, Bubi.


Coopération financière en Afrique centrale franc (CFA franc) (1 euro = 655.36 CFA francs) (1 U.S. dollar = 579 CFA francs) (December 2021).

Main agricultural and natural products

Coffee, cocoa, rice, yams, cassava, bananas, palm oil, nuts, livestock, timber.

Main industries

Petroleum, natural gas, sawmilling.

Main exports

Petroleum products and timber.


(per capita): U.S.$ 7,143 (estimated 2020).

General Remarks

Equatorial Guinea comprises a mainland territory (Rio Muni) and some island territories (the most important being Bioko, two volcanic mountains, previously named Fernando Po) on the Atlantic coast of Africa bordering on Cameroon and Gabon. The country is divided into seven administrative provinces. It gained independence on October 12, 1968, and its form of government is a republic.

The main production sectors are industry (54.6%), services (42.9%) and agriculture (2.5%) (estimated 2017), with important forestry and fishing industries. The country's natural resources include petroleum, timber (ebony, mahogany, oak), gold, manganese, and uranium deposits.