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General Information


11,300 sq. km.


2,413,403 (2022).




English (Official), Mandinka.



General Remarks

Independent state since February 18, 1965. Joined with Senegal in Senegambia Confederation in 1981, dissolved in 1989, The Gambia is one of Africa’s smallest nations. It is surrounded on land by Senegal. It consists of a narrow strip of land, lying on each side of the river Gambia. The river is navigable to ocean-going vessels for 240 km and to river steamers up to 480 km.

Most of the rural population is engaged in agriculture, the chief product being ground-nuts which is an important cash crop. Other crops are rice, millet and various kinds of fruit and vegetables. Fishing and livestock production are considerable. No minerals are at present being exploited. Tourism is of increasing importance, but in common with many other tourist destinations, has suffered from recent events.