Domain Names

There is still currently no specific legislation on country code top-level domain names.


Country code top-level domain name: .lr 


Applicant: companies and legal entities. 

Restriction as to nationality: none. 

Local presence: required. Must be from an organization with a demonstrable intent to use the domain name on a regular basis on the Internet.

Domestic trademark right: must have a Liberian trademark or company. 

Domain name can be registered as a trademark: no. Multiple domains are allowed.

Notes: in respect of the “.lr” ccTLD, authorities are still not accepting applications to register domain names. In respect of all the sub-domains, the applicant must be a legal entity/company registered with the country’s authority to obtain a domain name. In most cases, the domain name must resemble the organization’s name. Third-level domain names have also been registered.

Registration, Protection

Duration: n.a.

Renewal/maintenance: n.a.

Dispute about ownership: n.a. 

Uniform dispute resolution procedure: none.

Registration Authority

Authority name: Data Technology Solutions, Inc. 

Internet address: