(WIPO code: RW) (latest review February 2024)

by SPOOR & FISHER JERSEY, Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

General Information


26,338 sq. km.


13,400,541 (2023).



Official languages

French, Kinyarwanda, English.


Rwandan franc.


Clothing, textiles, foodstuffs, fuels and lubricants, machinery, vehicles, pharmaceutical products and electrical equipment.


Coffee, tea, hides and skins, tin ore.

General Remarks

The territory presently comprising Rwanda was formerly part of the Belgian United Nations Trust Territory of Ruanda-Urundi. It became an independent sovereign republic as from July 1, 1962. Rwanda is mainly an agricultural country, one of the most densely populated countries of Africa. It has suffered severe internal struggles (1995). In spite of international assistance and political reforms the country continues to struggle to boost investments and agricultural output. There have been a series of massive population displacements. Problems were exacerbated by a Hutu extremist insurgency and Rwandan military involvement in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. Current endeavors to rebuild the economic and government structures are bearing fruit; the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) playing a leading role in the development of Industrial Property law and practice and various ratings agencies rate Rwanda as one of the countries in Africa in which to do business.