– Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, 1999, in force since April 14, 1999.
– Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments, No. 3) Act 2019.

Membership in International Conventions

– Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, since July 25, 1994.
– WTO's TRIPS Agreement, since January 1, 1995.


Registration is not required for owners of an original work. Copyright protection is automatic from the moment a work is created. However, registration is possible and provides important benefits such as proof of ownership and helps deter infringement. 

Duration: during the lifetime of the author, plus 50 years after his death.


Authority name: The Copyright Society of Zanzibar (COSOZA), at the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Good Governance, which is a Copyright Office and Collective Management Organization. 

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