Designs and Models

– The Registered Designs Ordinance (Cap. 522) on Filing and Examination of Designs and Models. The Designs Law has been in operation since June 27, 1997, contingent upon completion of procedural formalities in Hong Kong.


Kinds of designs: both single and multiple applications, which contain two or more designs, are permitted subject to prescribed conditions.

Filing requirements for an application (to be sent to resident agent):
1. A completed application form including: applicant’s full name (English and Chinese if applicable), address, country of incorporation;
2. Statement in English and Chinese of the article(s) or set of articles to which the design applies;
3. Classification of article (Locarno International Classification);
4. 1 set of clear representation of the design;
5. If the applicant is not the designer, a statement explaining the applicant’s rights in relation to the design(s);
6. If priority is claimed, a photocopy of the priority document shall be filed within three months from the date of filing of the application in Hong Kong;
7. Payment of the appropriate application fee and publication fee.

Electronic filing: available.


Examination: formal examination only.

Registration and publication: once the application has passed the formal examination by the Registrar, the design will be registered. The Registrar will publish the registration of the design in the Gazette and issue a certificate of registration.

Duration: registration term is for an initial period of five years as of the filing date.

Renewals: possible for four periods of five years each, totaling a maximum of twenty-five years.

Renewal fees: are payable every five years.