Domain Names

– Rules for registration, use and allocation of domain names in the space of the Kazakhstan segment of the internet, approved by Order of the Minister of Defense and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 13, 2018, No 38/HK.


Country code top-level domain name: .kz (also available in Kazakh: .ҚA3). (Refer to approved Orders: Order of introduction of “.ҚA3” domain name; and Conditions of the priority registration of domain names in .ҚA3 domain.) 


Applicant: individuals and legal entities.

Restriction as to nationality: none.

Local presence: not required (however, the server equipment must have its physical location on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Domestic trademark right: not required for obtaining domain name registration.

Domain name can be registered as a trademark: yes.

Registration, Protection

Duration: one to ten years.

Renewal/maintenance: one to ten years, renewable.

Dispute about ownership: can be brought before the court or in a non-legal procedure by mutual agreement as per KazNIC Dispute Resolution Policy.

Uniform dispute resolution procedure: none, but an administrative procedure other than UDRP is available before KazNIC.

Registration Authority

Authority name: KazNIC Organization.  There is a three-level model of mutual relations on the basis of shared registry system: Registry, Registrar, Registrant. – Registry (KazNIC) as a central repository carries out management of a database of registered domain names and support of functioning of these names in the Internet; – Registrar directly serves consumers (Registrants), carrying out registration and realizing rights of registrant on management of a domain name in Registry, using technologies and means for data access of Registry in a real time mode. A list of authorized Registrars is available online.

Internet address: