– Law No. 240 of August 7, 2000.

Membership in International Conventions

– Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, London Act, and Articles 13 to 30 Stockholm Act.


Definition: shall be considered among secret information, the methods of manufacture as well as the experimental and testing results. The secret information that the public administration requires its disclosure in order to authorize the marketing of pharmaceutical preparations and chemical products used in agriculture should not be used for commercial purposes without legal reason, and shall not be disclosed unless the protection of the public so dictates.

Criteria for enforcement: the provisions of the Law shall be applicable provided that: (1) the owner of such information has acquired the subject matter through legal means; (2) the industrial or commercial value of such information is due to it being secret; (3) the owner of such information has taken appropriate measures to keep such information secret.

Assignment - licensing: possible.

Remedies for misappropriation: a fine and/or imprisonment.