Domain Names

There is no specific legislation on country code top-level domain names. But since “.ph” is considered as a country code top-level domain name, it is administered independently by the competent national registration authorities, also known as ccTLD administrators.

Nonetheless, by virtue of IPO Office Order No. 39, series of 2000, which symbolizes the awareness of the IPO of the need to protect Internet Domain Names (IDN) as intellectual property, and the need of holders of IDN to register their IDN as service mark with the IPO, Rule 605 of the Trademark Regulations on order of examination and priority of action, as amended by Officer Order No. 08, series of 2000, dated May 12, 2000, subject to the applicability of other provisions of the Regulations, was amended by inserting in the second paragraph the following: “g. Domain Names. (as service mark)”.


Country code top-level domain name: .ph 


Applicant: individuals and legal entities.

Restriction as to nationality: none.

Local presence: not required.

Domestic trademark right: required for obtaining domain name registration.

Domain name can be registered as a trademark: yes, as service mark.

Filing requirements for applications with IPO: must clearly indicate the IDN being sought for registration as service mark; shall specify the services covered using the Nice Classification for service marks as guide (Classes 35-42).

Priority examination: possible, by indicating in the petition under oath for priority examination to be attached to the accomplished standard application form and pay the corresponding fee.

Code number of IDN applications: Number 20 had been assigned as the code number for internet domain name – service name applications.

Registration, Protection

(A) Before WIPO

Duration: one, two, five or ten years.

Renewal/maintenance: one, two, five or ten years, renewable.

Dispute about ownership: can be brought before the court.

Uniform dispute resolution procedure: available (variation of UDRP) before WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

(B) Before IPO

Follow the rules for service marks.

Registration Authority

Authority name: dotPH, Inc.

Internet address: