(WIPO code: VN) (last revised April 2023)

by DETECH & ASSOCIATES, Hanoi - Mr. Dao Van Tam and KATZAROV SA, Geneva, Switzerland

General Information


329,707 sq. km.


104,799,174 (2023).






Dong (VND).

General Remarks

The Democratic Republic of Vietnam, established on September 2, 1945, adopted a constitution on December 31, 1959, based on communist principles and calling for reunification of all Vietnam.

After several years of war, North and South Vietnam became a unified country in 1975, which is now known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In 1986, Vietnam took significant steps away from a centrally planned economy to a market oriented economy. The most recent constitution was adopted in 2013.

Vietnam is long and narrow, with a 2,300 km coast. About 22% of the country is arable, including the densely settled Red River Delta in the north, narrow coastal plains in center, and the wide, often marshy Mekong River Delta in the south. The rest consists of semi-arid plateaus and barren mountains with some stretches of tropical rain forest.


Statistics (December 2021) Applications filed
Patents & utility solutions (national) 9,070
Patents (international) -
Industrial designs 3,390
Trade and service marks (national) 62,414
Trade and service marks (international) 221
Geographical indications 13
Layout design of IC 0