(WIPO code: AL) (last revised March 2022)

by KLITON STEFANI, Patent and Trademark Attorney, Tirana

General Information


28,748 sq. km.


3,088,385 (estimated July 2021).


Tirana, with 503,000 inhabitants (2021).





Most important agricultural and industrial products

Oil, crude oil, bitumen, chrome, copper, coal, cement, wood and wood-products, cotton and wool textiles, sugar, olives, cereals, cigarettes, tobacco, beans, meat and fruits (especially citrus fruits).

General Remarks

Albania is a mountainous country, bounded by Montenegro and Kosovo in the north, North Macedonia in the east, Greece in the south and by the Adriatic Sea in the west.

There are important forest resources and some mineral wealth, the latter not fully developed. Chief products of the country are tobacco, timber, wool, hides, furs, cheese and dairy products, fish, olive oil, corn, cattle and bitumen. The State has attempted to develop farming, light industry, to build new roads and power stations, to modernize mines and to develop tourism.