(WIPO code: BE) (last revised January 2023)

by GEVERS PATENTS, Diegem (Brussels)

General Information


30,528 sq. km.


11.6 million (January 2022).


Brussels, with 1.2 million inhabitants.


Dutch, French, German.


Euro (EUR).


Cereals, raw minerals, crude oil, organic chemicals, plastics and derivatives, wood and timber, paper and derivatives, wool, textiles, clothes, jewelry, steel, iron, copper, aluminum, machinery, electronic equipment, automobiles and precision instruments.


Oil (refined or partially refined), fertilizers, photographic products, plastics and derivatives, paper and derivatives, wool, textiles, clothes, carpets, glass, jewelry, diamonds, steel, iron, copper, aluminium, machinery, electronic equipment and automobiles.

General Remarks

Belgium is one of the most highly industrialized nations in Europe. Industry chiefly comprises the processing of imported raw materials for re-export in a semi-finished or finished form. Of primary importance are: iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, fabricated metal products, textiles, diamonds, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

The Kingdom of Belgium is a constitutional monarchy. It is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe.

Both Dutch (sometimes referred to as Flemish) and French are spoken and are the officially recognized languages. German, spoken by a minority in the East of the country, is the third national language. The majority of the people are Roman Catholic, but complete religious toleration prevails.

Brussels is the seat of European institutions (EU and EURATOM).