Topographies of Integrated Circuits

– Law on topography of Integrated Circuits, in force since December 15, 1999 (Official Gazette No. 81/September 14, 1999), with latest amendments of December 13, 2019.


Definition: three-dimensional pattern of the elements and the layers of which a semiconductor product is composed. 

Entitlement to protection: the creator who is national of Bulgaria or of a State member of international agreements in which Bulgaria is a part or on reciprocity basis. The topography should be filed within two years from its first commercial use.

Filing requirements for an application (to be sent to resident agent):
1. Power of attorney, simply signed;
2. Material identifying the topography (the material or part thereof may be kept secret);
3. Declaration of the date of first commercial use;
4. Specimen of the integrated circuits in which the topography is realized in case the commercial use had been performed before the filing of the application.

Examination: only formal.

Registration system: is provided for. 

Cancellation of registration: on request of any interested person in case of unconformity of the registration with the provisions of the law.

Scope of protection: the protection includes protection against copying of the topography, sale, rent, import, export and any other actions of commercial distribution of the topography or of the product which contains it, including offers for such distribution. 

Exception to protection: copying of the topography or part thereof for personal use, evaluation, analysis, research or training. The development of a distinctive topography based on an analysis or evaluation of a protected topography can be protected.

Duration: ten years from the filing date in case the topography had not been used, or ten years from the end of the year of first commercial use in case the application for registration is filed within two years from the date of the first commercial use.