Utility Models

– Law on Patents and Utility Models Registration, in force since June 1, 1993, with latest amendments as of December 13, 2019.

Membership in International Conventions

– See under “Patents“.


Definition: utility models must be new, industrially applicable and involve an inventive step. 

Exception to protection: biotechnical inventions, methods, chemical compounds or their use as well as the subject are excluded from patent protection.

Filing requirements:
1. Power of attorney;
2. 2 specifications;
3. 2 sets of drawings;
4. Priority document, if priority is claimed.

Electronic filing: available. 

Electronic signatures: are not accepted (only wet signatures).

Duration: four-year term, starting from the date of application; can be extended twice for a three-year period (total term of protection: ten years).

Annuities: are no longer due.

Examination: formal.

Registration: the utility model is registered within one month from the date of notification, if the fees for registration, delivery of the certificate, and publication are paid. 

Postponement of the registration: possible for fifteen months by request of the applicant; must be filed within three months following the application date, respectively the priority date

Conditions of use, rights of protection, disputes: same as for “Patents of Invention”.