Domain Names

There is no specific law regarding country code top-level domain names. However, pursuant to the domain name registration reform, a foundation (Eesti Internet SA) was formed which has set its “Domain Regulation” rules as standard terms when applying for a domain name.


The registration procedure is now two-staged, being comprised of services provided by EIS (above “Eesti Interneti SA”) and by private law Registrars. Only the latter provide their services directly to domain name registrants.

Country code top-level domain name: .ee 

Sub-domains: (for companies in the sense of the Commercial Code); (for natural persons); (for sole proprietors in the sense of the Commercial Code); (for medical institutions).

Applicants: every legal and natural person, irrespective of their place of residence. Indefinite number of registrations per one applicant. 

Restriction as to nationality: none. 

Local presence: foreign entities must have a local administrative contact.

Domestic trademark right: not required for applying for a domain name registration. 

Domain name can be registered as a trademark: yes.

Registration, Protection

Duration:registration valid for either one, two or three years as of the date of registration (difference in fees).

Renewal/maintenance: a registration can be extended for a new term within the last three months of its duration.

Dispute about ownership: resolved either before the Domain Disputes Committee or in court. 

Uniform dispute resolution procedure: none, but an administrative procedure other than UDRP is available before the Domain Disputes Committee.

Registration Authority

Authority name: Eesti Internet SA (Estonian Internet Foundation). 

Internet address: