(REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA) (WIPO code: MK) (latest review December 2021)

by BINPRO dooel Skopje, Skopje - Mrs. M. Kunoska Jovanovska and KATZAROV S.A., Geneva, Switzerland

General Information


25,713 sq. km.


2,128,262 (estimated July 2021).


Skopje, with about 601,000 inhabitants (2021).




Macedonian denar.

General Remarks

North Macedonia (previously known as the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) used to be a part of former Yugoslavia. The Republic declared its independence on September 8, 1991. On February 12, 2019 the country officially changed its name to the Republic of North Macedonia or "North Macedonia" for short, following an amendment to the Constitution.

The former Yugoslav rights granted before July 15, 1993, could be re-registered in Macedonia until July 15, 1995. The first national law came into force on July 15, 1993.