Domain Names

– Rules and Regulations regarding registration and use of the domain name under the national internet domain of Montenegro .me

Note: country code top-level domain .YU (which was used for Serbia and Montenegro) was removed from the DNS root on March 30, 2010, as provided by ICANN. By that date, all .YU domains were transformed to .RS (for Serbia) and .ME (for Montenegro).


Country code top-level domain name: .me 


Applicant: individuals and legal entities.

Restriction as to nationality: .me domains are available for registration by parties worldwide, whereas the sub-domains;;, and are only available to Montenegrin individuals and entities (; and only for Montenegrin educational, academic and governmental institutions).

Local presence: required for sub-domains (not required for top-level .me domains).

Domestic trademark right: not required for obtaining domain name registration.

Domain name can be registered as a trademark: yes.

Registration, Protection

Duration: one to ten years.

Renewal/maintenance: one to ten years, renewable.

Dispute about ownership: to be brought before the court.

Uniform dispute resolution procedure: available (ICANN UDRP model) before WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

Registration Authority

Authority name: Government of Montenegro.

Internet address: