(WIPO code: PL) (last revised April 2022)

by POLSERVICE, Warsaw – A. Stopinska-Slefarska and W. Marciniak, Patent Attorneys

General Information


312,623 sq. km.


38,265,000 (estimated December 2020).


Warsaw, with about 1.8 million inhabitants.




Zlotys (PLN).

Principal imports

Machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods and articles, chemicals and mineral fuels.

Principal exports

Machinery and transport equipment, miscellaneous manufactured articles, food and live animals.

General Remarks

About 12% of the population is engaged in agriculture. The chief crops are: rye, wheat, barley, rapeseed, oats, potatoes, sugar beet, tobacco and flax.

There are important textile, chemical, woodwork and metal industries. Poland also produces automobiles, tractors, heavy machinery, ships and aircrafts.

Poland possesses great mineral wealth, particularly coal, but also iron, lignite, copper, natural gas, lead, sulphur and zinc.

Member of the European Union as of May 1, 2004.


Statistics (2020) Filed Issued
Patents and utility models 4,917 2,833
total valid patents and utility models on 31.12.2020   22,662
Validation of European patents 13,068
total valid EU patents on 31.12.2020   83,800
Trademarks 14,192 7,150
under Madrid Agreement 2,298 2,229
total valid trademarks on 31.12.2020    
under national procedure   155,275
under international procedure   81,679
Industrial designs 1,004 800
total valid industrial designs on 31.12.2020   8,500
Topographies of integrated circuits 12 2
total valid topographies on 31.12.2020   49
Geographical indications 0 0