(WIPO code: RS) (last revised March 2022)

by CABINET PAVLOVIC, Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, Belgrade

General Information


88,361 sq. km.


7 million (estimated July 2021).


Belgrade, with 1.405 million inhabitants.




Serbian dinar.

General Remarks

Serbia is a successor state of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the country which officially changed its name to the Union of Serbia and Montenegro on February 4, 2003, and was then dissolved into two separate countries on June 3, 2006. Industrial property rights registered or applied for registration in former Yugoslavia or in the Union of Serbia and Montenegro were recognized in Serbia without revalidation.

The European Council granted Serbia the status of candidate country in 2012. The Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between Serbia and the EU entered into force in September 2013. Serbia passed and/or amended several laws in the field of intellectual property in order to harmonize them with the IP legislation in the EU.

Serbia is making considerable efforts to improve IP enforcement. In the past couple of years, customs has been very active in detaining suspected counterfeiting goods at the border.