Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications

– Act No. 469/2003 of October 28, 2003, on Designations of Origin for Products and Geographical Indications for Products and on Amendment of some Acts, in force since December 1, 2003, amended by Law No. 84/2007 Coll. implementing EC Directive No. 2004/48/EC on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, effective from March 1, 2007, amended by Laws No. 270/2009 and 395/2009, and further amended by Act. No. 125/2016 Coll.


Designations of origin and geographical indications are entered in the Register kept by the Patent Office.

Filing requirements for an application (to be sent to resident agent):
1. Name and address of the applicant;
2. Name of the designation or indication;
3. Geographical definition of the territory where production, processing and preparation of goods takes place;
4. Specification of the place of business where the goods covered by the appellation of origin are produced;
5. List of goods to which designation of origin should relate;
6. Description of characteristics or qualitative features of goods;
7. Extract from files kept by the State authority certifying that the place of business of the applicant is situated in given territory;
8. Application for agricultural products or foodstuffs must be supported by a specification, which stipulates their characteristics and defines the specialties of the geographical environment.

Examination: by the Office, and, if accepted, the registration is published in the Bulletin. Official fees have to be paid.

Duration of protection: is unlimited and shall arise on the day of entry in the Register.

Licensing: no license may be granted for the registered designation of origin. The registered designation of origin may not be provided as a guarantee.

Cancellation: on proposal from a third party, or by the inspection authority or ex officio that (a) the designation of origin was registered contrary to the requirements of the Law; (b) conditions stipulated for registration ceased to exist; or (c) the registered product is missing quality or characteristics.