Domain Names

– Some regulations on the organization and management of country code top-level domain names do exist, issued by Nic-Colombia. The Colombian government took over the regulation of “.co”, issuing Resolution 001652 of July 30, 2008, from the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies.
– By Resolution 284 of February 21, 2008, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies adopted the outsourcing model for the administration of “.co”.
– Resolution 1250 of June 16, 2008 created the Advisory Committee to provide assistance and advice to the


Country code top-level domain name: .co 


Applicant: legal entities, but and can be registered by individuals.

Restriction as to nationality: none.

Local presence: not required.

Domestic trademark right: not required for obtaining domain name registration.

Domain name can be registered as a trademark: yes.

Registration, Protection

Duration: depending on registration request, one to five years.

Renewal/maintenance: one to five years, renewable.

Dispute about ownership: to be brought before the court.

Uniform dispute resolution procedure: available (ICANN UDRP model) before WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

Registration Authority

Authority name: .CO Internet S.A.S.

Internet address: