– Organic Code of the Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation, published in the Official Register Supplement No. 899, in effect since December 9, 2016.

Membership in International Conventions

– Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.
– Universal Copyright Convention.
– Phonograms Convention.
– Rome Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations.
– WTO's TRIPS Agreement.
– WIPO Copyright Treaty, since March 6, 2002.
– WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, since May 20, 2002.
– Marrakesh Treaty, since September 30, 2016.
– Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, since August 3, 2021.


Registration is not required for owners of an original work. Copyright protection is automatic and free from the moment a work is created. However, registration may be useful as evidence of proof of ownership in case of litigation. 

Duration: during the lifetime of the author, plus 70 years after his death.


Authority name: Servicio Nacional de Derechos Intelectuales (SENADI).  Internet address: www.derechosintelectuales.gob.ec  

Collective Management Organizations: ARTEGESTION, SAYCE (http://sayce.com.ec).