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by IBERIAN IP, Madrid, Spain

General Information


112,492 sq. km.


9,571,352 (2023).


Tegucigalpa, with about 1.568 million inhabitants (2023).





Main exports

Bananas, coffee, minerals, shrimps and lobsters, sugar, lumber, substantial maquiladora activities around San Pedro Sula (nation’s industrial capital city with about 982,000 inhabitants).

General Remarks

The Republic of Honduras, located in the heart of Central America, is bounded by Guatemala to the west and Nicaragua and El Salvador to the southeast. Geographically situated in a privileged position, the country possesses 880 km of coastline on the Caribbean Sea and 153 km on the Gulf of Fonseca (Pacific Ocean). The nation’s principal seaport is Puerto Cortés, which is the only deep water port in Central America as well as the largest and best equipped Caribbean port, boasting 24-hour service and a privileged location only 48 hours by sea from Miami.
The world famous Maya site of Copan ruins, declared a Treasure of Mankind by the United Nations, is located in western Honduras. The Bay Islands (known as the divers’ paradise) are also part of Honduras. The world’s second largest coral reef is located between the Bay Islands and Belize.

Honduras is organized as a democratic and representative republic with clearly defined and organized legislative, executive and judiciary powers.