(WIPO code: US) (last revised February 2021)

by BACHMAN & LaPOINTE, P.C., New Haven, Connecticut

General Information


9,629,091 sq. km.


328,239,523 (estimated July 2019).


Washington, D.C., with 705,749 inhabitants (estimated July 2019).


English (with sizeable Spanish speaking minority).


U.S. dollar (USD) ($1 = 100 cents).

Main trading partners

People’s Republic of China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Republic of Korea, and U.K.

General Remarks

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world in both population and area, and is located in the center of North America. There are fifty state governments in addition to the Federal Government. The intellectual property laws of the U.S. are now over 200 years old, with the first patent and copyright acts enacted in 1790, and are effective in the United States proper and Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa.


  Applications filed Issued
Patents (FY 2020)    
Utility patents: Total 616,852 305,008
Utility patents: U.S. n.a. 177,053
Utility patents: Foreign n.a. 193,381
Design patents 46,142 31,845
Plant patents 1,168 1,193
Trademarks (FY 2020)    
Registrations 535,505 295,728
Renewals 76,184 71,575