(WIPO code: NR) (latest review February 2022)

by PHILLIPS ORMONDE FITZPATRICK – Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, Melbourne, Australia

General Information


21 sq. km.


9,770 (estimated July 2021).


Yaren (district).


Nauruan; English is spoken and understood by most.


Australian dollar (AUD); 1 dollar = 0.71 U.S. dollar (December 2021).


Phosphates. The primary reserves were depleted in 2006. The secondary reserves are expected to last another thirty years.

General Remarks

The tiny island of Nauru lies about 2,500 miles northeast of Sydney, Australia, and is the world's smallest independent republic. Nauru's GDP varies widely and few comprehensive statistics on the Nauru economy exist. However, the re-opening of the Australian Refugee Processing Center in 2012 and fishing licenses under the "vessel day scheme" has bolstered Nauru's economy. Nauru's housing, hospitals and other capital plant are deteriorating.