(WIPO code: GR) (last revised January 2023)

by Dr. HELEN G. PAPACONSTANTINOU AND PARTNERS, LAW FIRM Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Athens

General Information


132,000 sq. km.


10,432,481 (census 2021).






Greek Orthodox (98%).


Euro (EUR).

Import of goods

67,854.5 million euros (+48.9%) (Jan.-Sept. 2022).

Exports of goods

40,554.3 million euros (+41.1%) (Jan.-Sept. 2022).

Trade balance

-27,300.2 million euros (+62.3%) (Jan.-Sept. 2022).

General Remarks

Greece is mainly agricultural (though only 23% of the land is arable) with a well-developed industry (tourism, textiles, chemicals, metals, wine and food processing).


Statistics – Trademarks (Jan. – Nov. 2022) Granted
National trademarks 5,408
Collective trademarks   1
Applications for conversion of Community trademarks into Greek trademarks   29
Applications for conversion of International trademarks into Greek trademarks   0
International trademark registrations transmitted to the Office for examination   n.a.
International trademark registrations granted 436  
National applications for International trademarks   n.a.


Statistics – Patents (Jan. – Nov. 2022) Filed
National patents 995
Utility models 17
Patents transformed into utility models 403
European patents validated in Greece 2,364
European applications (Receiving Office Greece) 86
PCT applications (Receiving Office Greece) 67
Provisional protection for European patents 6
National Designs 80
Community Designs 0
Supplementary Protection Certificates for plant protection products 7
Supplementary Protection Certificates for medicinal products 44
Supplementary Protection Certificates for pediatrics 17