(WIPO code: SE) (last revised October 2022)

by KATZAROV SA, Geneva, Switzerland

General Information


450,000 sq. km.


10,483,647 (2022).


Stockholm with 1.659 million (2022).




Kronor (SEK).

Most important industrial and agricultural products

Machinery and transport equipment, forestry, chemistry, mining and steel industries, which constitute the larger part of the Swedish export. Other important export industries are paper, woodware, iron and steel.

General Remarks

Industrially, Sweden is a highly developed country and its different manufacturing industries have been largely built up on Swedish and foreign inventions. In respect of certain specialties, such as matches, cream separators, ball bearings, vacuum cleaners and white goods, Sweden controls a large part of the world’s production.

Trade comprises the exportation of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, cellular telephones, pulp, paper, finished wood products, steel, machines, etc., and the importation of coal, oil, raw materials, chemicals and textiles, etc.