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by SAGIS LP, The Valley

General Information


90 sq. km (35 sq. miles).


19,079 (2023).


The Valley.




Eastern Caribbean dollar, but the U.S. dollar (to which it is pegged) is widely accepted.


Tropical with a mean temperature of 26 degrees Celsius (80° Fahrenheit) and rainfall of 89 cm (35 inches) per year.

General Remarks

Status: British Overseas Territory. Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands (16 miles long and 3 miles wide at its widest point) and is located approximately 150 miles east of Puerto Rico and 5 miles north of the Dutch and French island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin in the Caribbean Sea.

Economy: GDP per capita: approximately U.S.$ 25,528.60 (2022 est.). The travel and tourism sector generates approximately 21% of the GDP with an estimated 155,732 tourists, mainly from the United States, visiting in 2023. The construction sector is the second largest contributor resulting largely from a number of resort projects being built. Since 1991 Anguilla has entered the International Financial Services arena and has become an attractive offshore jurisdiction with a wide range of modern, flexible, banking, insurance, trusts and intellectual property legislation. Anguilla's Commercial Registration Electronic System (CRES) provides the jurisdiction with a digital company registration service, which facilitates the almost instant and secure registration and administration of legal entities 24-hours a day.

Government: the Anguilla Constitution Order, which came into effect on April 1, 1992, vested Anguilla with the status of a British Dependent Territory (now a "British Overseas Territory"). Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is the Head of State and is represented by a Governor who has reserved powers in respect of legislation, and presides over the Executive Council (the executive branch of the government). He is responsible for matters of external affairs, defense, internal security (including the police force), and offshore finance. The Deputy Governor has delegated responsibility for the public service and disaster management. The Executive Council consists of the Governor, the Premier and not more than three other ministers (appointed by the Governor from elected members of the House of Assembly) and two ex officio members (the Attorney General and the Deputy Governor). A House of Assembly (the legislative branch of the government) is elected for five years and consists of seven elected members, two ex officio members and two members nominated by the Governor, and a Speaker.

Legal system: Anguilla has a proven legal system based on the British legal system and is based on common law and statute. It is administered by a Magistrate’s Court, a High Court and an itinerant Court of Appeal, which serves the entire Eastern Caribbean judicial circuit. The head of the judiciary in Anguilla is the Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. The Chief Justice also serves as President of the Court of Appeal. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council serves as the final Court of Appeal from any matter arising within Anguilla.