(WIPO code: PE) (last revised February 2023)

by BARLAW - Barrera & Asociados and H A PUYO PATENTS & TRADEMARKS, Lima

General Information


1,285,216 sq. km.


32,275,736 (2022).


Lima, with 11.204 million inhabitants (2023).

Principal port


Official languages

Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.


Sol (PEN).


Refined petroleum, crude petroleum, cars, broadcasting equipment, and delivery trucks. The main origins of its imports are China, United States, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.


Copper ore, gold, refined petroleum, zinc ore, and refined copper. The main destinations of exports are China, United States, India, South Korea, and Japan.

General Remarks

Peru borders Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador by land and Costa Rica by sea. The country is going through a modernization stage, which implies a great effort and extensive changes. Poverty and unemployment levels have fallen dramatically in the last decade, and today Peru boasts one of the best performing economies in Latin America.