(WIPO code: GA) (last revised October 2023)

by CABINET ISIS CONSEILS, Mandataire OAPI, Yaoundé, Cameroon

General Information


267,667 sq. km.


2,397,368 (2023).



Official language



C.F.A. franc.

Main agricultural and natural products

Bananas, manioc, forestry.

Main Mineral Products

Petroleum, gas, manganese, uranium.

Main exports

Petroleum, wood, manganese, uranium, gold, timber, palm oil, coffee, cocoa.

Tourist Industry

Natural reserves; beaches; Lambaréné; Ogoué; Mbigou.


(per capita): U.S.$ 7,540 (estimated 2022).

General Remarks

A former French colony, part of French Equatorial Africa, Gabon obtained its internal administrative autonomy, and became a member of the French Community in 1958, and later achieved its full independence on August 17, 1960.

Gabon is rich in natural resources, its manganese deposits being amongst the richest in the world; major iron ore deposits have been discovered at Mekambo, and petroleum, uranium and gold are also mined. Forestry is another important industry in Gabon, and in the agricultural sphere bananas, sugar cane and palm oil, coffee and rice are produced.

It is a member of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), previously known as “Customs and Economics Union of Central Africa” (UDEAC), and a member of “Economic Community of Central African States” (CEEAC).