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by CABINET CHARDY PATENTMARK, Patent and Trademark Agent, Rabat


460,000 sq. km.


37,067,420 (2023).


Rabat, with 1.959 million inhabitants (2023).


Moroccan dirham (MAD).


Arabic (official), Amazigh, French.

The Sherifian Empire of Morocco incorporates the former territories of French Morocco, Spanish Morocco and the former International Zone of Tangier.

Since the entry into force of the new Moroccan Law No. 17-97 on December 18, 2004, the Tangier Zone is abolished and has no longer its own industrial property laws. Applications filed as of this date are effective for the whole territory of Morocco, including the Tangier Zone. Applications or registrations filed under the former laws, which were applicable to Morocco, automatically extend their protection to the whole territory of Morocco starting from December 18, 2004.

Morocco possesses an extensive modern road system. Almost all roads are asphalted. Morocco is mainly an agricultural country, producing, in particular, cereals, wines, fruits and vegetables, cattle, eggs, skins and wool. Morocco’s industry, which is of recent creation, is developing and an ever-increasing effort is being made to equip the country industrially. Mining is important, mainly phosphates, anthracite, petroleum, iron, lead, manganese and cobalt. Fish products are being put on the market for consumption at home and abroad.

Today’s steady economic growth is due to the political decision of undertaking large projects and facilitating the creation of several duty free zones attracting many foreign investors. Tourism is also contributing to the development of the country.

Remarks on IP legislation: a new Industrial Property Law (No. 23-13) came into force on December 18, 2014, amending and completing the initial Law No. 17-97 of 2000. It includes provisions on the protection of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and integrated circuits.

Statistics (2021) Filed Issued
Patents 2,804 705
Trademarks 17,820 (national + intl.) 11,512 (national)
Designs 4,404 n.a.

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