(WIPO code: TN) (latest review November 2023)

by HACHAICHI & CO., Tunis

General Information


164,150 sq. km.


11,976,182 (2023).


Tunis, with 2.475 million inhabitants (2023).


Arabic (official), French.


Dinar (TND).

Most important agricultural and industrial products

Cereals, wheat, barley, oats, maize, early European vegetables and fruits, dates, oranges, lemons, olives, oil, tobacco, wool, cattle, silk, hides, skins, leather goods, corks, wines, alcohol, tinned fish (tuna, sardines), furniture, glass, sponges, lignite, ores (lead, zinc, iron), phosphates, superphosphates, cement and gas.

General Remarks

The cultivation of cereals, fruits and olives is one of the main occupations of the people. Tunisia holds the first place among North African countries in the production of olives and olive oil, and in the last years, first and second place in the world for the production of olive oil.

The textile industry is very important in Tunisia, and a large number of well-known brands' clothes are made in Tunisia.

Tourism is also very important, with a large number of hotels.

The irrigation system has also been greatly developed by the building of important dams. The number of factories has increased and many new ones are being established. Tunisia is also the world's second producer of phosphates.

The country is divided into 24 regions.