(WIPO code: LB) (last revised February 2023)

by FADY SARKIS, Law Office, Beirut - Mr. Fady J. Sarkis

General Information


10,400 sq. km.


5,296,814 (estimated 2022).


Beirut (including suburbs) with about 2.433 million inhabitants (estimated 2022).


Arabic (official), French, English.


Lebanese pound.

Most important products

Agriculture: citrus fruits, wines, tobacco, cotton, olive oil, vegetables, cereals. Industry: banking, food products, textile and clothing, carpets, electrical apparatus, computer software, pharmaceutical products, perfumes,printing, mineral water, leather shoes, furniture, paints, chemicals, plastics, glassware, sanitary installations, cement, metallic works, jewelry and gold ware.

General Remarks

Lebanon was administered under a French mandate from 1920 to 1941. An agreement signed on December 27, 1943, transferred all powers hitherto exercised by France to the Lebanese government, taking effect as of January 1, 1944. All foreign troops were withdrawn in 1946.


Statistics (Dec. 2020) (Applications filed and/or registered)
Patents 252
Trademarks 7,198
Industrial designs 41
Copyrights 147