(WIPO code: CY) (latest review November 2023)

by Dr. Christos A. THEODOULOU, The Law Offices of Dr. Christos A. Theodoulou LLC, Larnaca

General Information


9251 sq. km.


Of the Republic of Cyprus: 1,262,822 (estimated October 2023).




Greek (official), Turkish (official), English.


Euro (EUR) as of January 1, 2008.

General Remarks

(prepared by the editor)

Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, off the Turkish coast, was a British colony. It became an independent state on August 16, 1960. As a result of the Turkish invasion on July 20, 1974, Cyprus has been divided into two parts. The northern region of the island covering an area of about 40% is occupied by the Turks while the southern part covering an area of about 60% is inhabited by the Greek-Cypriot population, including 200,000 refugees. However, the Official Register of the Republic of Cyprus is the one kept by the authorities in the Government controlled area of the island. The President of the Republic of Cyprus is de jure the President of the whole of Cyprus and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus represents the entire country under international laws.

The part which remains independent and where the Greek-Cypriot population lives, has maintained the earlier laws (as amended), which are treated in the present article.

Cyprus is a member of the European Union as of May 1, 2004.