(WIPO code: DK) (last revised December 2020)

by ZACCO DENMARK A/S, Copenhagen

General Information


43,000 sq. km.


5,825,337 (estimated September 2020).


Copenhagen, with about 788,000 inhabitants.




Danish crowns.

General Remarks

Denmark’s soil is productive from an agricultural point of view but is poor in mineral resources, as a consequence of which the emphasis of industry is laid on products requiring know-how and skilled labor.

The most important industries are manufacturing, the food industry, the chemical industry, and the electronics industry.

Denmark is a member of the European Union.

Statistical information of commercial interest can be found in the Statistical Yearbook, published by Danmarks Statistik, with English translations.


Statistics (2018) Filed
Patents (national only) 1,501
Utility models 92
Trademarks 2,864
Designs 159