(WIPO code: SK) (latest review January 2023)

by ROTT, RUZICKA & GUTTMANN – Patent, Trademark and Law Office Praha, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovak Republic

General Information


49,030 sq. km.


5,431,252 (2022).


Bratislava, with 441,000 inhabitants (2022).


Slovak (official).


Euro (EUR).

General Remarks

The Slovak Republic came into existence on January 1, 1993, as a result of the separation of the former Czechoslovakia. As of the same date, the Slovak Patent Office was established in Bratislava and in 1995 moved to Banská Bystrica. Laws and membership in international conventions concerning protection of industrial property rights of the former Czechoslovakia remain in force in the Slovak Republic.

All former Czechoslovak patents, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks granted or pending prior to January 1, 1993, are effective in the Slovak Republic without any re-filing or re-registration. Separate applications for the Slovak Republic have to be filed after January 1, 1993. Renewal fees and annuities due for payment after December 31, 1992, are to be paid separately in the Slovak Republic if the owner of the right is interested to maintain the protection (Act of Transitional Rules No. 90/1993 effective as of April 29, 1993).

The Slovak Republic is a member of the European Union as of May 1, 2004. All Regulations are directly valid in the Slovak Republic.

Statistics (2021) Filed Issued
Patents 122 0
- validated European patents - 1,485
SPCs 49 -
Utility models 262 49
Trademarks 3,183 2,653
Industrial designs 109 100