(WIPO code: LC) (latest review October 2023)

by KATZAROV SA, Geneva, Switzerland

General Information


238 sq. miles.


167,591 (2023).




English is the official language but a local patois, which is French-based, is also spoken.


Eastern Caribbean dollar; U.S. currency is widely accepted with an exchange rate of 1 USD = XCD 2.70.


Clothing, assembly of electronic components, beverages, corrugated cardboard boxes, tourism, lime processing, and coconut processing.

Natural resources

Forests, sandy beaches, minerals (pumice), mineral springs, geothermal potential.


Bananas, clothing, cocoa, vegetables, fruits and coconut oil.

Main Trading partners

United Kingdom, United States of America, Caricom Countries, Japan and Canada.

General Remarks

Saint Lucia, “the Helen of the West Indies” is one of the four islands which form part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, which are in turn part of the West Indies. It is 24 miles north of Saint Vincent, 21 miles south of its nearest neighbor, Martinique and 100 miles northwest of Barbados. It was once believed that Christopher Columbus, on his fourth voyage to the West Indies in 1502 was the first European to set foot on Saint Lucia. However, one theory suggests that Juan de la Cosa, a little-known explorer who traveled with Columbus on his first and second voyages, named the island. Saint Lucia won its independence from Great Britain on February 22, 1979, but is a member of the British Commonwealth.