(WIPO code: TT) (last revised November 2022)

by J.D. SELLIER & CO., Port-of-Spain

General Information


5,128 sq. km.


1,405,646 (2022).



Official language



Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD).

General Remarks

Trinidad is the most southern of the West Indies, lying off the northeast coast of South America, approx. 10 km from Venezuela. It was discovered by Columbus in 1498. Tobago lies about 32 km to the northeast of Trinidad. Trinidad and Tobago won independence from Great Britain on August 31, 1962.

Exports: can be divided into four major areas: energy based, including crude oil and refined petroleum products, methanol, urea, anhydrous ammonia, iron and steel products; traditional agricultural exports, including cocoa, coffee, and citrus; non-traditional agricultural exports, such as processed fish, shrimp, vegetables and fruits, as well as cut flowers; manufactured goods of a wide variety from food stuffs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, to air-conditioning units and motor vehicle batteries.

Whilst the U.S.A is its main trading partner, trading relationships are established with other countries in the region, particularly with its Latin American neighbors.

Trinidad has an abundance of energy resources, the principal being petroleum oils and natural gas. Proven crude oil reserves (2011): 728.3 million barrels; proven natural gas reserves (2011): 408.2 billion cubic meters.