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General Information


9,984,670 sq. km.


38,246,108 (estimated July 2021).


Ottawa, Ontario.


English, French (both official).


Canadian dollar (CAD); 100cents = $ 1.00; the Canadian dollar has a value of approximately 0.80 U.S. dollar (November 2021).

Trading partners

Ranked by total trade: the United States of America, the European Union and China.

Primary industries

The gross domestic product at basic prices in December 2020 was $1,941,070 million of chained dollars (2012). Exports of goods from Canada in 2019 totaled $2,008,193 million. Exports of services from Canada in 2019 totaled $455,034 million. Main exports are consumer goods, energy products, metal and non-metallic mineral products, industrial chemicals and plastic products, forestry products, and motor vehicles and parts.

General Remarks

Canada is the largest country in the western hemisphere and second largest in the world. Canada has a federal political system, with ten provincial governments, three territorial governments, and a federal government.


Statistics (2019-2020) Filed Granted
Patents 37,999 21,005
Trademarks 68,385 57,743
Copyright 8,765 8,749
Designs 7,408 5,343